Being bilingual does not make a good translator

17 Jan Being bilingual does not make a good translator

In today’s world, trade and culture are becoming more globalized.

With more than 6800 languages in the world, language translation and interpreting services are being used in all spheres of daily life, from helping a student to enroll into a new school to interpreting for a corporate executive who has just purchased a new business abroad.

Translation and interpretation are the ultimate jobs for people who love language.

However, the simple fact of speaking two or more languages does not necessarily make a good translator or interpreter – there’s a lot more to it. The best translation is one that you don’t realize is a translation, because it sounds just like it would if it had been written in that language to begin with.

Translation and interpretation require the ability to accurately express information in the target language. Word for word translation is neither accurate nor desirable, and a good translator/interpreter knows how to express the source text or speech so that it sounds natural in the target language.

Translators and interpreters also need to understand the cultures of both the source and target languages, in order to be able to adapt the language to the appropriate culture. Using unqualified translators will leave you with poor-quality translations with mistakes ranging from poor grammar and awkward phrasing to nonsensical or inaccurate information.

In short, it is in your best interest to find someone who is qualified. Such translator or interpreter might cost more, but if your business needs a good product, it is well worth the expense.

Translating or interpreting from one language to another is truly an art. 

And since so much depends on being able to make oneself understood in other languages, we are here to assist you in whatever way we can – to put your words and thoughts into another language with accuracy and clarity, to enable you to know with total confidence that we are communicating precisely what you have in mind.

Why Russian in San Diego (dba SoCal Translations)?

All our translators are fluent in all the languages they translate. We only appoint translators with minimum BA in Foreign Languages/Linguistics, or Certified by the U.S. Associations of Translators, or native speakers with a proven and documented track-record of successful written translations.

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